Happy Anniversary, Quiz Daddy's!

They grow up so fast, don't they?? What started as a three-month experiment to sell off my twenty-year collection has turned into a full-time business going stronger than ever after a full calendar year! A big thank you to everyone that came out to celebrate our "First Annual Anniversary Party" this past Sunday, March 19 at the shop! I couldn't made it this far without all the support of my loyal customers, from around the block to around the world (here's lookin at you, Oskar in Hungary and Haruki in Japan!). There's so much more coming down the pike so stay tuned as we set our sites on YEAR TWO! Special shoutout to our delicious and nutritious party sponsors: Rind Snacks, JuneShine and Toto Vegan Cookies :) 

Enjoy these photos from the event (fittingly taken on a vintage digital camera)!


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