Hello! You made it! All your lifelong searching has led you to this place, right here and right now, as it was written and ordained by the Great Spirit all those eons ago. And what is this place? It's Quiz Daddy's. Specifically, it's Quiz Daddy's Closet - where I, "Quiz Daddy" Scott Rogowsky, am virtually storing my vast collection of vintage clothing for all to see, and maybe even buy!

It started with discovering my dad's old t-shirts from the 70s and 80s in the attic, while I was just a dorky teen looking to stand out from the Abercrombie zombies roaming the halls of my Y2K high school. It quickly became a pursuit to find more goodies from the golden age of textiles, as I rummaged through thrift store racks and yard sale boxes in search of 50/50 cotton-poly blends and Made in the USA tags. And then it became a hoarding situation as I gobbled up every gem I unearthed, even if they didn't fit my size or my personal style.

Twenty years later, I had amassed over 5,000 items stored in 70 gallon totes in my parents basement. It was time to acknowledge I had a problem, and time to execute on the vision I formed as freshly graduated 18 year-old when I commissioned my classmate to make me a website so I could launch a vintage retail business (in 2003). I ended up selling one whole shirt via Retro-Rags.com in those pre-Shopify days, and then it was off to college where I abandoned e-comm in favor of setting up tables on the quad, slinging trucker hats and 80s band tees at prices that give me night terrors today.

A 15 year entertainment career got in the way, but I'm delighted to report that 2023 finds me back in the vintage game in the biggest way, with a storefront in Santa Monica (2525 Main Street) where you'll find me behind the counter most days, and this "take two" website which I'll be slowly but surely updating with all those thousands of pieces that my mother is BED BATH AND BEYOND pleased to have out of her basement. 

Have any questions? Looking for any particular pieces? Email me at quizdaddyscloset@gmail.com or follow the store on IG and shoot a DM! And check back here often because I miss you already xx